A new furnace with a 24m³ capacity has just left BRASTHERM's production unit for the center of Portugal.

This equipment has been specially designed to carry out heat treatments of up to 1200ºC on carbon steel products used in the petrochemical industry.


The materials will be loaded and unloaded using a boogie-hearth (furnace base) with a motorized motion system. Once outside the furnace, the boogie will be fully available for vertical access, thus allowing flexible loading by an overhead crane. Also worthy of note is the door's vertical motion system and capable of opening at high temperature -  made to withstand the thermal shock of the furnace chamber temperature of 1200ºC and the air outside. This thermal shock is necessary for the heat treatment effectiveness and better performance of the final product.
An interesting feature of this project is the integration of an oxygen monitoring system for the furnace atmosphere, to improve energy performance and control the oxidation of the material to be processed.


The new generation BRASTHERM JET TT intermittent model will provide the Customer with in-house capacity to carry out heat treatments and also bring more flexibility to its production.